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We build websites that make our customers get more customers!

Our goal is for our customers to get more customers. We do this by building user-friendly websites that drive the visitor towards buying or making contact. When the website is complete, we train our customers so that they can easily make changes themselves. If they want to of course, otherwise we’re always here to help you with your website!

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Web design


Conversion Optimizer & Responsive Website

Regardless of what you are looking for, it is highly likely that you will google at least two alternatives. You probably choose the option that you get the best “feeling” from. The feeling is often based on which website has the best design. We always build with the most modern and trendy design to increase the chances that your visitors will become customers.

The new generation grows up with smartphones (and Google) in their pockets. About 50% of the traffic on our customers’ websites come from mobile devices. Therefore, we attach great importance to the fact that your website should look like Ryan Gosling no matter what device your visitors use.

Everyone wants to get a high ranking on Google. But what’s the point of having many visitors if they don’t convert into customers? The answer is “none”. That’s why we work with Best Practice when it comes to conversion optimization. We help you to create a website that converts visitors into customers.

Conversion Optimization


Everyone wants to have a high rank on Google

When you have a website that converts, you have to put all your focus on SEO. Google takes over 200 different rules into account when their algorithm ranks websites. There are many variables such as text, speed, meta tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, back links, how long visitors stay and what they click on. It is no longer possible to “fool” Google. The only way to rank high is to have a top-class website.

Track your visitors and how they behave on your website. By doing this, you’ll get more information on how to develop your site further – in order to convert more visitors into customers, and also you’ll get information about who’s visiting your site. Are they the ones you want?  Are you attracting the right kind of visitors? We will help you with all of this, both the set up and the analysis.

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"We really should change our website, but we don’t have time"

“We really should change our website, but we don’t have time”.  We hear this all the time! Therefore, we have made sure to trim all our processes. Our goal is that all companies should ‘have time’ to change their website. We produce a demo already before the first meeting and usually deliver the finished website within 21 days. We also make sure not to involve the customer more than necessary. Does it work ..? Ask our satisfied customers!

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