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We are passionate about web design, conversion and fast processes!

We are a mixed bunch from all over the world and different backgrounds based on Drottninggatan in Stockholm! Together we do not just create magical homepages we also have very fun! Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

Joachim | CEO

Favorite lunch: Everything at Bistro Boheme!
I work primarily with strategy, management, employment, culture and processes.

Pontus | Head of Sales

Favorite lunch: I love all kinds of burgers!!!!
Improves sales and project management processes in the US and Sweden.

Tom | CFO

Favorite Lunch: There is nothing better than Fullmoon Wok!
I am involved in all areas in the company and above all; project management and design.

Artem | Product Management

Favorite lunch: Nothing beats a good pasta for lunch!
As a project manager I have an overview of all our projects, customers and websites.

Ellen | Head of Design

Favorite lunch: I'm completely in love with pasta!
I am responsible for design, and make sure to prioritize projects and all assignments.

Hannah | Head of Production

Favorite Lunch: Of course, my favorite candy Thursday !! 🍬
I am responsible for production and ensure that all interns feel welcome.

Tone | Design

Favorite lunch: Falafel .. that's the best I know!
I work primarily with production, and I am responsible for our Social Media.

Sofia | Design

Favorite lunch: I usually eat what everyone else eats.
Works mainly with production and other overall internal and external design.

Mikael | Sales

Favorite lunch: My favorite place is Phill's Burger!
I meet our customers and make sure that we offer you exactly what you need and want.

Sean | Sales

Favorite Lunch: Since I live in the US; all American!
Our salesman in the US who takes care of all our American customers and meetings.
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